Available Positions

Here at Westover Baptist Church, we always strive to have a well rounded team of staff and volunteers.

Below is our current list of available positions.

If you are interested in being a part of the Westover Baptist Church Team or want to inquire about other opportunities please contact Paul Nelson at 434-334-8401.

Senior Pastor

Download a PDF of our Pastor's Job Description

Download a PDF listing what we are looking for in a new Senior Pastor


  • Oversight and responsibility of the worship service that enables participation in personal and corporate connection with the Holy Spirit.
  • Plan all elements of the service with the worship leader
  • Preach the Word of God in a way that teaches and challenges the congregation to fulfill their callings
  • Prepare and lead all special services like holidays, weddings, funerals.
  • Oversee and approve every person that leads, teaches or preaches from the pulpit
  • Oversee all baptisms and communions
  • Provides biblical insight to current events
  • Encourage, lead, and develop a church of powerful prayer warriors.


  • Deliver specific activities that enhance participation, involvement, and growth of the church
  • Develop the vision of the church through preaching, activities, and opportunities to serve so the congregation embraces that vision
  • Decide upon and develop specific ministries within the church to help people (i.e. divorced, chemical dependence, depression)
  • Development and implementation of a plan to attain the desired goals
  • Establishes and communicates ministry priorities to church and staff


  • Oversee all areas of the ministry through the staff, deacons, and trustees
  • Manage, encourage, discipline, hire, fire, and train all members of the church staff
  • Conduct regular meeting of the staff, deacons, and trustees as needed on a regular basis
  • Manage the deacons and trustees to better perform their duties
  • Coordinate an active board of ministry deacons with accountability of each
  • Oversee finances of the church
  • Oversee the facilities to insure it is kept in good repair with a program of maintenance
  • Provides for staff personal development
  • Oversee the security team of the church


  • Guide the spiritual formation of the church participants through teaching, preaching, and leading by example
  • Work with the staff to ensure the church is provided with opportunities to pray and to study the Bible
  • Encourage the congregation to give of their time, talents, and resources in service to God

Pastoral Care

  • Visit members to encourage them and direct them into specific areas of involvement within the church
  • Oversee the visitation of members in need by members of the church, deacons, or staff
  • Respond to emergency situations and needs in the church
  • Oversee a strong, viable hospitality team within the church
  • Offers personal pastor care in the areas of conflict resolution, marriage, pre-marital, disciplinary issues, and church incidents.
  • Pray daily for the church


  • Outreach is the growth of the church. The pastor should head up the activities of the church through training and example to draw new people
  • The pastor demonstrates his people-loving character
  • Take an active, personal role in getting to know every visitor and to follow-up with each one by
  • Wednesday of the same week
  • Encourage others within the church to reach out to specific visitors that might be a good connection
  • Provide training for evangelism and outreach
  • Provide specific ministry to all age groups
  • Involve the church in specific local mission service – the elderly, the poor, the shut-ins, God’s Pit Crew
  • Oversee the welcoming of all people into the church at every service or activity
  • Represents the church in important public community events and functions
  • Develops personal relationships with local pastors, government leaders, and businessmen
  • Strong leader and supporter of worldwide missions.
Westover Christian Academy
  • Provide leadership for the School Board
  • Confer with the school administrator
  • Preside over all board meetings
  • Follow-up on all unfinished business items to ensure completion
  • Support WCA financially both personally and by attaining outside support
  • Lead the search for a new administrator when the need arises
  • Approve all new teacher and administrative team hires and promotions
  • Approve all budget items
  • Plans to attend many WCA events